Doc, Woody and Randall’s brilliant money-making hit show idea from this morning:

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The Doc & Woody Radio Show

Trailer Park's Got Talent

Originally Aired: May 17, 2017

Mike Fisher is now a TRUE Nashvillian. Like Woody, after he spends nine seconds in Nashville.

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The Doc & Woody Radio Show

Mike Fisher is really fitting in down in Nashville, isn't he?

Originally Aired: May 17, 2017

Tech talk:

Today we learned than an app from the TV show Silicon Valley is actually real. Called Not Hotdog, it gets you to take a photo of things. Then, it tells you whether that thing is, or is not, a hotdog. We tested it on Woody & Paul, Lisa, Jenna, and Liz.

not hotdog

It works! Now, can it identify an actual hotdog? We took a photo from the internet.


It works!


Doc was watching this video this morning, which was Woody’s inspiration for Trailer Park’s Got Talent:


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