This week’s nominees are…

The guys in St Louis who drove their brand new 4X4 truck out into the bog to go mudding, but got it stuck and then frozen into the mud. So they rented a backhoe to pull it out, and got THAT stuck and then frozen into the mud. In the spring they’ll both be covered by 6 feet of water.

The burglar in Ireland who was caught red-handed by the police, which led to a foot pursuit. During that pursuit, he bumped into the corner of a cabinet and injured his testicles. He then sued the police, the country, and the store he robbed.

The Wisconsin armed robber who is being sought by police based on his most easily identifiable marking – his own social security number, which is tattooed across his forehead.

AND FINALLY YOUR WINNER RANDALL! Who has adhered, angrily, to his really stupid “soup diet” despite being advised by all of us, and by scientists, doctors and medical professionals of all kinds, that it is doing more harm than good.