Your nominees are…

The FBI agent who joined a breakdancing circle and had his gun fall out of his waistband. It went off and shot someone in the leg.

The two girls in Washington who wanted to prank drivers by hanging a teddy bear in the middle of the road with fishing line, and almost decapitated a motorcyclist.

The fishermen in Minneapolis who took shelter from a massive sudden storm – in a storm drain. They had to be rescued.

The woman in Alabama who robbed a bank with a note that said ‘give me $6,000 from the vault and I’ll b— you. Don’t give it to me and I’ll claim you sexually assaulted me’. The teller chose the latter option.


The Florida gator wrangler who captured a gator, then while it was trussed up played bongos on its head for a full minute (not pictured in this video – but in many others). The gator then knocks him out COLD.