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AND THE WINNER IS!! …. A would-be robber had to be rescued after getting stuck a restaurant grease vent in California. He was rescued after being trapped for two days.

Photo credit: (Alameda County Sheriff’s Office via AP)


An Omaha elementary school principal was suspended after banning candy canes from the classroom. She banned them because the shape of a candy cane and its color strongly represent Christianity and Catholicism, saying the J shape is for Jesus.

Candy cane on white with soft shadow. Istock


A man applying for a job at Kohl’s in the U.S. probably didn’t get the job. Right after the interview, he stole a pair of shoes. In his defence, he said the shoes were a gift for his mother.


The woman who called police to ask them to do a DNA test to find out who stole her yogurt. Another strange part of the story? — the cops did the test and a roommate was arrested for theft.

Plastic cup with yogurt on white background. iStock