Here are your nominees:


An Alberta trio is in custody after stealing a vehicle, running out of gas and asking a police officer to help them out. The officer discovered that the vehicle was stolen and that the trio had a whack of drugs in the car. A woman and two men are facing charges.



 A prison inmate in Nashville landed in hot water after insisting he wasn’t hiding contraband even as the goods were hanging from his buttocks. He tried to fight of the guards was eventually pepper sprayed in the face and bum. Ouch.




 And the winner is..…....A Washington man and his friends have been banned from a cruise ship company because the man jumped from the ship. The 27-year-old man shared footage of himself jumping from the 11th floor of the ship. He and his friends had to find their own way back from the Bahamas.




A 17-year-old  girl was lucky to escape serious injury after she crashed her car while blindfolded. She was attempting a ‘Bird Box Challenge.” She ended up driving into oncoming traffic.