Here are your nominees!

A car thief in South Carolina was busted after the car he had stolen died and he asked a cop for a boost! The cops became suspicious when they saw the ignition key was broken. They ran the plates and found that the car was stolen.


A Wisconsin man will be taking public transit from now on. The man tried to heat up his car by putting hot charcoals underneath it. He wound up setting his car on fire, seriously damaging it. Luckily, the fire didn’t spread past the car.


AND THE WINNER IS!! klahoma have been arrested after their attempted bank robbery went awry. The trio didn’t have a vehicle and decided to use Uber to get to and from the bank. Cops picked up the wannabe thieves while they were waiting for their getaway Uber to come get them. Turns out, the Uber driver that drove them to the bank had been suspicious and tipped off the cops after dropping them off.