Here are your nominees:

A man from South Carolina was recently pulled over by police for speeding. The man, who had been drinking alcohol, spray Axe body spray into his mouth in an attempt to mask the smell of booze. He now faces a number of charges.

AND THE WINNER IS! … A Florida man is facing charges after his attempt to pay for orgy went awry. Police say the 50-year-old man offered four occupants of a room at a motel $500 to have an orgy with him. The four people took the money, but never showed up to the orgy. The man called 911 to report the scam and was has been arrested and charged.

A man recently stole a hot air balloon, but was busted when he entered the balloon in a hot air balloon festival. Police got a tip and spotted the stolen balloon flying high above the festival.
The thief was lucky in the end. The owner decided not to press charges — they just wanted their balloon back.