Guildcrest Homes Cottage


The Guildcrest Homes Cottage:

Introducing the Champlain Cottage from Guildcrest Homes with TOYS 20!

We’re not renting you a cottage for a week…we’re GIVING you a COTTAGE. One that you can place anywhere. If you have a favorite spot, this cottage could go there. Imagine sitting on your decked out  porch where you can relax after your weekly 9-5 grind. Escape to the cottage with TOYS 20!


Cottage – Champlain Model from Guildcrest Homes. A Pre-Fabricate Single Modular Cottage. 809 square feet with 2 bedrooms, one bath and a country style kitchen, large transom windows and covered porch.

Prize is the cottage only and does not include land, permits or set up. Free Delivery within 100 kilometres of factory.


See full rules at detailed cottage description HERE.




The Prize – A Guildcrest Homes Cottage: